The big tension between Harden and Kyrie that blew up the Nets

James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were to become a new dynasty in the NBA, they eventually became one of the biggest flops. After a year, the Bearded decided to pack his bags, and obviously, a big point of contention with Kyrie Irving would be the cause.

When James Harden was traded to Brooklyn, he had to finally have the chance to join the Finals and land a ring. It must be said that on paper, his association with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had the potential to be unstoppable… It was, moreover, but injuries quickly took over these Nets “Scary Hours” version.

And then as everyone has made it clear since the XXL exchange between Brooklyn and Philadelphia, the atmosphere was not necessarily ideal in the locker room. KD and the Bearded didn’t agree on how to rotate the group, and the latter decided to abandon ship to join the Sixers, where he feasts alongside Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

James Harden terrified of a playoff streak against the Raptors

But in all likelihood, it is indeed the discord between Harden and Kyrie Irving who has been at the heart of all the Nets’ ills this season. With the point guard refusing to be vaccinated, he could only play away games, which left the former No.13 on his own while Durant recovered. And obviously, a series of playoffs in particular frightened James Harden, it would also explain his departure.

According to Ian Begley: “According to a source, the idea of ​​playing the Raptors in the playoffs was one of the reasons James Harden was concerned about Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status earlier in the season. »

According to information collected by the excellent Ian Begley, New York sports specialist, James Harden would have been terrified at the idea of ​​falling on the Raptors in the playoffs, since Kyrie Irving could not have played in Toronto without his vaccine. The Barbu could have been on his own in the event of Kevin Durant’s injury, something for which he was not ready… And today, this trio is only a distant memory.

If the situation has undoubtedly evolved since then, James Harden had real reasons to to worry of a playoff series in Toronto. He could not leave his title chances in the hands of a teammate refusing to comply with sanitary rules. He won’t have that problem in Philadelphia.

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