The big questions of the end of the season

There are approximately 25 games left for all NBA teams before the end of the regular season. This will resume after the traditional break of the All-Star Game and some fundamental questions (or not) hover over this final sprint before the play-in tournament and the playoffs.

Here are the ones we ask ourselves.

– The Lakers will not avoid the play-in tournament. But can they do even worse and miss the play-in? They are only 4 wins ahead of 11th place and will play without Anthony Davis for at least a month (pleonasm)…

– By the way, how many passive-aggressive statements – based on “I will always be an Ohio guy and I will never rule out a comeback”LeBron James will he do in the media by the end of the season to put pressure on the Lakers front office?

– Does the three-way race between Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo for the title of MVP will continue until the end and cause headaches for all people who are even slightly objective?

MVP Race Vol. 4: the struggle is crazy and gives us headaches

– The Suns have a lead at the top of the league, but can they avoid a big pump in the absence of Chris Paul ?

– On March 11, the Sixers host the Nets in Philadelphia. Ben Simmons will he be there and, if so, will Doc Rivers go straight to Hack-a-Ben? And if he’s fit, how many bodyguards will he need to get between the team hotel and the hall? We recall that even the weather presenters promised him hell…

– Will the Clippers recover Paul George and or Kawhi Leonard before the NBA playoffs, which would completely change the balance of power in the West?

– Will we have proof that Zion Williamson is still alive? The scud just sent to him by JJ Redick, his former teammate, shouldn’t really make him want to come out of his reserve…

– Who will have the worst record in the NBA between Detroit, Orlando and Houston? And who will remind them that regardless of their ranking, they will in all cases have the same percentage of chances of having the 1st pick and of stressing out about making the wrong choice between Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero and Jabari Smith ?

DeMar DeRozan will he miss a shot at half distance? And if so, won’t this be a sign that the apocalypse is imminent?

Draymond Green will he play again soon enough to claim his second Defensive Player of the Year title? And above all, if Rudy Gobert wins a 4th DPoY title, will he have the elegance not to pass him off as a regional level player who broke through on a stroke of luck?

When Draymond Green doesn’t care about Rudy Gobert!

– Will people manage to override their personal opinion of the man Jason Kidd to recognize that he is doing an excellent job with Dallas, 5th in the West and the least permeable defense (in the number of points conceded per game) in the entire Conference?

– Will the Nets continue to slide in the standings, just to be SURE they don’t have home advantage in the play-in and play-offs so they can play Kyrie Irving more often?

– How many meetings will the Blazers front office have to organize with Chauncey Billups and Anfernee Simons to explain to them the meaning of the word TANKING?

– By the end of the season, will we reach the bar of 15% of NBA fans able to say who the head coach of Oklahoma City is without using their smartphone and to write their name correctly?

– Giannis Antetokounmpo Will he finally get the sponsorship with Carambar that he dreams of and deserves since the start of the season?

Stephen A.Smith will he be able to avoid a nervous breakdown definitive live on ESPN after yet another defeat for the Knicks after having a 30-point lead at home?

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