The big problem concerning Ben Simmons which complicates the trade!

Sixers fans still have hopes of turning the page Ben Simmons by the deadline, which will be on February 10. Daryl Morey is working on it, but is very hard on an exchange. In addition, an additional factor complicates all of this.

It’s been months since Ben simmons has disappeared from the courts, he who is waiting for his trade from the Sixers. A relatively complex task, since no one can find an agreement at the counterparty level. Daryl Morey wants a superstar in exchange, which franchises refuse.

Knowing that Simmons still has several years of contract, we can not say that the leader is under pressure. Still, with Joel Embiid in his prime, now is the time to give the Pivot the best chance of winning. Either Ben returns or we have to find replacements, especially within the Eastern Conference.

The detail that complicates everything about Ben Simmons

Ideally, for all parties, it would be a trade before the February 10 deadline. However, nothing is guaranteed with Morey’s demands yet. Teams could delay until the summer as it is rumored the player is not yet ready to play, at least according to The Athletic’s Sam Amick.

Regarding the availability of Simmons to play for his new team, the message sent is that he will need several weeks of physical training to find the floors. His last appearance, against the Hawks in Game 7 of the 2021 playoffs, does not help.

Another problem? The contract of Simmons, which must still touch more than 100 million over the next seasons. For the opposing leaders, this is not really a gift, and it complicates the exchanges between the different parties. The lack of confidence of the player does not help.

Clearly, the teams have a lot of issues with Simmons, which is seen as a gamble. Unleash a superstar for such a player? It will not happen. The Sixers will eventually crack, at least that is the hope of some in the upper echelons. Beginning of response on February 10.

Ben Simmons is nowhere near being able to play basketball, which does not encourage franchises to take action. Daryl Morey persists, but plays with fire in Pennsylvania. Hopefully an outcome before the deadline, or this soap opera could last a long time.

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