The big package that the Lakers absolutely want to haggle!

Despite limited means, the Lakers will try to find solutions for trades during this offseason, without guarantee on the return. Rob Pelinka has a few players he can try to sell, but it’s all going to be quite complex. We take stock.

At the dawn of a very important offseason with the Lakers, Rob Pelinka finds himself under a lot of pressure: that of improving the workforce, all with very limited assets. It must be said that to bring back Anthony Davis a few years ago, then Russell Westbrook, the front office had to make sacrifices.

Offensive Lakers for this offseason

Promising young people, rounds of drafts, there is not much left in the coffers to negotiate with various teams. The remaining bits? Not much to dream about, but Pelinka should try her luck according to several sources, in order to bring back a big name in this roster. According to Michael Scotto, of Hoops Hype, it is a first package that is emerging.

I would be very surprised if Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn and a few first-round draft picks aren’t haggling all over the market this summer for the Lakers. When you look beyond LeBron and Davis, that’s the only way they can make this team better. But I don’t think it will be enough to get something solid in return.

It must be said that THT has not shone this season, with declining statistics if we go back to previous years. Something to calm the suitors, while Nunn, who could have been a big asset in this exercise, did not play. The fault of a knee injury, which calms the ardor of certain franchises. Clearly, it will be necessary to bet on the draft rounds to hope for action.

For another journalist however, Yossi Gozlan, there is an ideal scenario for the Purple and Gold. Nevertheless, and to get there, it will take a small miracle:

Ideally, the Lakers want to trade Westbrook’s contract, without attaching a pick with and a few players to fill their roster in exchange. Then reunite THT and Nunn to take them somewhere else for something else. Both players can bring in 20 million. We should put a draft pick with it and see what they can get.

Trader Russell Westbrook, then Talen Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn: that’s the Lakers’ plan, at least for these reporters. This is the ideal scenario for the summer, except that it is difficult to see a team accepting these conditions. As we said, you have to bet on a miracle.

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