The big name targeted by the Jazz to help Rudy Gobert

Again in good shape, the Jazz hopes to finish the regular season in a cannonball, just to approach the playoffs with full confidence. With this in mind, Rudy Gobert’s franchise would like to attract a star from the West, even if the task looks difficult!

Either he likes to be desired, or the severity of his injury turns out to be slightly more serious than previously announced. Expected at the beginning of the week, the return of Rudy Gobert to competition is still pending. The French pivot has just been listed as unavailable for the meeting against the Warriors on Wednesday. Bad news for his team, whose recent good form is all the more in danger.

After a big period of trouble at the end of January, the Jazz has indeed been able to raise the bar without its star pivot. Quin Snyder’s men thus remain on three straight wins, which helped to appease the few emerging tensions. The 4th place of the franchise (33-21) in the West remains under threat from Dallas (32-23), Denver (30-24) or Minnesota (29-25). Enough to push the front office to activate on the market.

Jazz’s impossible mission to get a western star

Weighed down by the serious injury of Joe Ingles, Utah quickly started looking for reinforcements, without managing to find happiness for the moment. several names, especially at fullback, have certainly been sent to Salt Lake City in recent days, without an exchange having been concluded. The insider Jordan Schultz has just mentioned a new one, and not the least, which will however be difficult to access according to him!

According to sources, at least four teams — including the Knicks, Pacers, Sixers and Jazz — have contacted the Kings about De’Aaron Fox. Sacramento sees Fox as a prime asset, and a future regular All-Star. After the Tyrese Haliburton trade, I’m told a deal involving Swipa would be « very unlikely. »

The Kings seem to want to build their future around the Fox-Sabonis duo instead, and should therefore not give up their star point guard.

It seems in any case difficult to imagine what could be the role played by the latter at Jazz, just like the package sent to Sac-Town to recover it. Joe Ingles’ only contract, sold off by the leaders in recent weeks, would not suffice on its own. Gobert therefore has little chance of seeing Swipa land alongside him, and accompany him at the end of the season!

The Jazz would therefore have tried the big shot De’Aaron Fox on the market, but would face the refusal of the Kings in this file. It would therefore be better to turn to another alternative to strengthen the team in the coming hours!

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