the big miss of an English club which failed Erling Haaland

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It’s the kind of story that brings regret to every club on the planet. Letting go of a great player who later exploded into other colors is the lot of competition and Everton are experiencing it in spectacular fashion.

Everton have been warned of the Haaland phenomenon

Indeed, while Erling Haaland has martyred the Premier League in an impressive way since his arrival in the Premier League, with a last hat-trick in the Mancunian derby against Manchester City, the Toffees’ miss about the Norwegian cyborg returns to the carpet . In 2018, the former mayor of Liverpool alerted Everton to the enormous talent of a player seen on his debut at Molde.

“In 2018 I was at a meeting at Finch Farm with EFC, we watched a video of an 18 year old Norwegian kid playing for Molde, wow he was scoring for fun. Bill Kenwright yelled, ‘What does Joe think?’ ‘Sign it,’ I shouted back. I told Robert Elstone (Everton manager at the time) and I will never forget. »

While the deal could have been concluded for 5 million pounds sterling at the time (5.77 million euros), Everton obviously did not follow up. Inevitably enough to feed regrets after his explosion in England …

to summarize

While Erling Haaland now hovers over the Premier League in spectacular fashion, an English club can bite their fingers for having missed it. Indeed, four years ago, Everton were warned of the emergence of the Norwegian cyborg without following up.

Julien Pedebos

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