The big message from Rudy Gobert after his return!

After about ten games spent in the infirmary, Rudy Gobert was finally back on the floor with the Jazz. He showed his advantage against a weak Rockets team, and afterwards, he sent a big message to his fans on social networks.

Rudy Gobert has missed quite a few games this season, and it shows in the Jazz’s results. At the top of the league last year with a wonderful record, Quin Snyder’s men are now “only” 4th in the Western Conference, behind the Grizzlies, Warriors and Suns. According to some rumors, absences are not the only reason behind these difficulties, the bad atmosphere in the locker room would also play.

But since this noise has been circulating in the media, the Jazz have chained 6 consecutive victories, including a particularly impressive last of 34 points against the Rockets. Donovan Mitchell was marvelous with 30 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds, when Mike Conley organized his team’s game perfectly with 10 caviars offered to his teammates.

Rudy Gobert happy to find the grounds

But the big news of the evening, apart from the result, is that Rudy Gobert was finally back on the pitch after a 9-game absence due to a calf injury. After this performance during which he did not need to force his talent, the pillar of the France team spoke on social networks. No doubt he is in love with the orange ball.

I missed this mess 🔒

Rudy Gobert missed basketball, Rudy Gobert missed basketball. For his return, the French pivot was to his advantage with a sober but effective match, concluded with 14 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. He also distinguished himself in defense, with constant activity, which obviously did good for this team in difficulty without the contribution of the Stifle Tower.

Rudy Gobert is back in great shape with the Jazz, and his presence could allow the team to ramp up to the playoffs. Utah’s success will depend in any case on its contribution and its ability to surpass itself in the big moments.

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