The big concern that worries the Warriors, Curry directly targeted!

Among the elite of the league, however, Golden State is marking time a little in terms of level of play. .

With 30 wins for only 10 losses, we could say that all is well with the Warriors. However, one is particularly demanding of oneself in the Bay, and resting on one’s laurels is not in the culture of the house. Steve Kerr, the coach of Golden State knows in particular what needs to be improved. Considered an elite shooter during his career, he does not appreciate the current trend among his players:

Steve Kerr: “We’ve gone from 3rd or 4th offensively to 11th in the last 10 games. It’s easy to say, ‘Oh, we’re missing shots.’ But I think the quality of our shots has been a problem. « 

Stephen Curry in a monster galley with the percentage of success

It’s a fact, the Californians have been struggling to show skill lately, sometimes forcing a little too much on outside shooting. The best example of this is still Stephen curry, the franchise player. The triple champion is having his worst season at address since joining the league, with only 42% overall, including 38% from three points. And it has even seriously worsened since the beginning of 2022:

A rather annoying bad pass therefore for the Chief, but also for his entire squad which lost first place in the Western Conference to the Suns. We must therefore start there to improve, especially after the defeat against Memphis (116-108). During this match, GS only shot at 42.7%, which seriously weighed down the men of the Bay. This shouldn’t be repeated in the playoffs…

The Warriors’ big weakness is clearly identified, and the rest of the league now has an idea of ​​how to beat them. It’s up to the Dubs to show now that they can adapt, and especially overcome their address problems.

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