The big cause for concern that can freak out the Lakers

The Lakers’ first half of the season has not been brilliant, but the second could well look like an impossible mission. LeBron & co. go beyond an extremely difficult schedule… Under these conditions, reaching the playoffs is already no longer far from a miracle.

24 wins for 27 losses, this is the record of the Lakers after just over 50 games. We are far from the expectations placed on the Californian superteam during the summer, and that’s an understatement. Currently 9ᵉ in the Western Conference, Frank Vogel’s men have blown a lot of cartridges by losing meetings that are nevertheless affordable on paper. The recent defeat against the Hawks is proof of this, with Trae Young and others also being very mediocre (24-26).

Now, we will have to mount an operation remontada if they want to avoid the Play-In and go directly to the playoffs. Except that it will absolutely not be obvious, because LA must prepare for busy weeks. Journalist for theOrange County Register, Kyle Goon explains that the Purple and Gold calendar is simply the strongest in the league until April. Several large cars will thus cross their paths on many occasions:

Upcoming hardcore schedule for the Lakers

For a long time this season, Western mediocrity has been the Lakers’ friend. But now they’re stuck in a bad patch, and of all their peers they have the toughest schedule remaining (average opponent win percentage at 53%). They will play the Golden State Warriors three times. They will face the Suns and Utah Jazz twice each.

Indeed, we can say without going too far that we would not like to be in the place of the teammates of LeBron James. Especially since the latter is currently injured, and we don’t know when he will be able to return… The worst thing is that by harvesting several matches that were supposed to be impossible to lose, the Angelinos deprived themselves of a mattress that could have proved vital in the event of another losing streak in the heart of spring:

If you look at the bottom of the standings, the Lakers have already played their games against Houston, Sacramento and Oklahoma City – overall there aren’t many easy games to play. That’s why the narrow loss in Charlotte and the disappointment in Atlanta were so painful: they had the opportunity to get those two wins and, down the stretch, they may not have many close games anymore. to win.

The current trend is also not working in favor of the residents of the Arena, who remain on three consecutive losses. The next meeting against the Blazers is therefore clearly a must win for them, but we must start chaining victories before it is too late. With five wins behind Dallas, sixth in the West, going directly to the playoffs seems almost impossible at the moment. We will therefore certainly have to play the Play-In, which means more matches before being able to play the post-season… and find ourselves facing a cador.

The Lakers missed several chances early in the season against theoretically affordable opponents, and it could cost them dearly. We will have to get out of the heavy on the second half of the exercise if they do not want to regret these grilled cartridges…

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