The betrayal of the Nets that will seriously annoy KD!

After months and months of discussions and negotiations, Kevin Durant has finally decided to stay in Brooklyn, a team in which he will have a good chance of winning the title. It remains to be seen if he will want to wear this frankness after these terrible revelations.

Kevin Durant is an American like the others, he is passionate about the start of the American college football season. He was present this Saturday in Texas to support his Longhorns against the Alabama dynasty, an explosive match that kept all its promises. On the sidelines, the Nets player seemed to be in a very good mood:

Kevin Durant would never have been traded!

But this good mood could quickly leave him in the face of the latest revelations that come out in the media… Indeed, during an interview granted to AZ-Central, Suns GM James Jones may have exposed a huge betrayal by the Nets to the captain of the last All-Star Game. Contrary to what they made believe, the leaders never tried to exchange it!

Why Kevin Durant is not a Suns player as he wished? Because the Nets wanted to keep him in Brooklyn, period. That’s why he’s still in Brooklyn and not in another franchise. We had discussions with the Nets, they explained to us what they wanted to recover in exchange and the direction they wanted to take, but like all teams in the negotiations, it was windy.

All summer long, fans and observers believed the Nets were trying to trade Kevin Durant and pick up a huge package in return. Moreover, the n°7 himself must have believed it… But obviously, behind the scenes, things were much more complicated, since Sean Marks and the other leaders of the franchise made it clear to everyone that they did not were not sellers.

Today KD seems to agree to continue the adventure for at least one more season, even if Steve Nash is still on the bench to coach him, because he is convinced that no one was able to let go of the price demanded by the Nets… How will he react when he learns that there was never really any question of letting him go? This “betrayal” could have consequences.

If James Jones is telling the truth, the Nets were engaging in discussions for the sole purpose of creating a diversion, to make Kevin Durant believe that they were working to meet his request… But in fact, there would never have been any question to let him go!

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