« The best way to respect them is to take this meeting very seriously »


“Mickaël Le Bihan (thigh), after the Ajaccio match, we estimated his unavailability at three weeks. He will be forfeited for Auxerre and probably for the next match. We have Adama Fofana (knee) who will be absent for twelve weeks, he has a ligament which is affected. We get Zargo (Touré), John (Panzo), Bryan Soumaré. »Baptiste Reynet and Romain Philippoteaux are absent. Frédéric Sammaritano will be captain.

The opportunity to run?

“I don’t like this term. I will make the best possible team with my players available. After that, I take into account the playing time, of those who need to play. The team that will play tomorrow (Saturday), depending on what will happen tomorrow, it is possible that the players used will play against Auxerre. No one is an official holder (…). If some players do not play competitively, it is either choices on my part or players who are injured. John (Panzo) played one half with the reserve team and is fit today for an hour and a half. Bryan (Soumaré) also played with the reserve team and is applying… It’s not the opportunity to see players again, we see them every day. « 

How to approach the hierarchical gap between the two adversaries?

“The first thing is to respect the opponent first. I know what the amateur world represents for the Coupe de France. We are sure that we will face a motivated team at 200%. The best way to respect them is to take this meeting very seriously, to take it as if it was a league game. I always remember that before having been professionals, we were all amateurs. I have a lot of respect for all the coaches, the educators… For them, it’s a party, there will be a lot of desire, but our desire is to qualify. « 

The magic of the cup reinforced by the proximity between the two clubs?

“Whenever there are surprises, it’s because the pros haven’t done the job. There was no this respect, this preparation… It’s a competition which requires a different preparation from that of the championship because behind, there is no catching up. I recall, and I did it with the players, also that we play on our stadium. It would be a mess not to go through playing with us, in optimal conditions. It was not us who asked for that, there are regulations, I understand that they are disappointed not to play on their field, in front of their home crowd, that is also what makes the magic of the Cup. « 

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