The best sites to bet on the NBA

Since the inception of the NBA in particular, basketball has never been so popular with sports bettors. Now, the best sports betting sites are giving themselves the means to cover the majority of events in the NBA, thus attracting basketball enthusiasts. But in front of so many bookmakers operating online, the bettor wonders: which site to choose to bet on the NBA? To find out, we invite you to read the rest of this survey highlighting the best sites for betting on the NBA!

The top 5 sites to bet on the NBA

Betting on the NBA: the events to bet on

Without being as popular as football or tennis, basketball is nonetheless a sport well promoted by bookmakers. This is particularly the case of the NBA, the main basketball league in the world, represented by 30 teams and whose season includes 82 games. You would have understood it therefore, the best sites to bet on the NBA allow bets on all confrontations taking place throughout the year in the NBA, ranging from games at the start of the season to the playoffs.

After the playoffs, having seen the best 8 teams of the season compete against each other, the Finals are an opportunity for the best team from the Eastern conference to face the best team from the Western conference. These Finals attract sports bettors, many of whom place bets on the team they consider favorite to become NBA champion. Since the 2000s, the NBA has attracted more and more sports bettors and nothing seems able to stop its rise.

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Betting on the NBA: the markets open to betting

If you’ve ever bet on basketball, you know how well the NBA is featured on bookmakers. And for good reason, of all the basketball competitions taking place in the year, the NBA is the one that generates the most sports betting. If you are thinking of betting on the NBA, here are the markets you are going to be able to bet on:

NBA games at the start of the season

An NBA season begins at the end of each year and ends in the summer of the following year. Since the reform of the rules of the competition in the 2000s, the NBA has 30 teams competing over 82 games. On the best sites for betting on the NBA, it is notably possible to bet on all the matches in the competition, and more specifically the matches at the start of the season. If you have a favorite team or want to place bets on matches, you can do it with ease.

The playoffs

In the NBA, Playoffs designate the eliminatory phases of the competition. After several months of competition, only 16 teams remain in contention, 8 from each conference, and compete for a place in the Finals. A pivotal moment in the competition, the Playoffs are an opportunity to see the best NBA teams of the year compete against each other. Sports bettors can have a blast and place bets on these high-stakes sports matches.

The Finals

After the Playoffs, the last phase of the NBA of the year begins with the Finals. These Finals pit the two best teams from each conference, East and West, against each other in 4 decisive matches to obtain the title of NBA champion. It’s the most important time of the year in the NBA and the opportunity to see the two best basketball teams of the year against each other. The bookmakers do not skimp on the means by authorizing all kinds of sports betting on these Finals, until obtaining the title of NBA champion at the end of the summer!

The 5 best bookmakers to bet on the NBA

We now know more about how an NBA season unfolds and what sports betting is possible on the competition. But one question remains: which are the best bookmakers to bet on the NBA? According to the survey conducted by our experts, here are the 5 best sports betting sites for betting on the NBA:


Building on its status as a leader in the sports betting market for many years now, Unibet does not intend to stop there. In France in particular, Unibet is attracting the favors of sports bettors, amateurs and professionals, who use it to place bets on their favorite sports. On Unibet, it is possible to bet on all kinds of disciplines, from football to tennis, including rugby and basketball. In particular, it is possible to bet on all NBA games, from the games at the start of the season to the Playoffs to the Finals!


Bet Sport

French bookmaker whose reputation is well established, Parions-Sport of the FDJ allows you to deposit sports bets on all NBA games of the year. From the start of the season until Playoffs Through the Finals, Parions-Sport gives a considerable place to the NBA in its game catalog. It should be noted that Parions Sport grants a welcome bonus of 150 euros to its new members. An amount that can be used to bet securely on certain NBA games.



To bet on the NBA, Joabet remains one of our favorite bookmakers. Admittedly, this young sports betting site has still not garnered enough experience and has some drawbacks, such as the fairly low level of its odds and the drastic conditions associated with obtaining its welcome bonus. Nevertheless, Joabet is doing much better on other aspects, such as the richness of its sports catalog allowing to bet on a considerable number of sports and sporting events! To bet on the NBA for example, it’s one of our favorite bookmakers!



Originally from the United Kingdom, Betclic was quick to impose its formula all over the world, as in France in particular. Now Betclic is the benchmark in terms of reliability and security and its user community is growing day by day. On Betclic, you can bet on the majority of your favorite sports, including basketball and the NBA. On the Playoffs and the Finals NBA in particular, Betclic offers the best odds on the French market. Finally, special mention to its welcome bonus of 100 euros offered on the first deposit!



While not faultless, Betway is nonetheless an indisputable benchmark for betting on basketball and the NBA more specifically. Throughout the year, Betway allows betting on all 82 NBA games and shifts into high gear during pivotal moments of competition. Admittedly, the level of the odds that it offers is lower compared to what we find elsewhere, but we observe that the bookmaker is progressing visibly on this point for some time. At this rate, Betway could well become one of the best bookmakers in France!


How to choose your site to bet on the NBA?

If you are looking for a site to bet on the NBA, please consider the following:

The contents

To bet on the NBA in peace, without having to worry about the availability or not of the match of your favorite team, choose a bookmaker who gives an important place to basketball on its platform. In this case, choose a sports betting site that covers all 82 NBA games of the year.

The level of the odds

Another point to consider before registering with a bookmaker: the level of odds it offers on the NBA. Because the objective in betting on sport is to garner a maximum of gains, it would be a shame if you chose a bookmaker whose level of odds is lower than the average for the French market.

The welcome bonus

Finally, it is important to find out about the amount of the welcome bonus that a bookmaker grants to its new members before registering. For example, Parions Sport offers 150 euros in sports bets to use on its first bets. If you are insecure or new to sports betting, it is important to take advantage of these welcome bonuses to make your first bets safe.

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How to bet on the NBA faq

To learn more about how to bet on the NBA, read this FAQ:

How to bet on the NBA?

To bet on the NBA, start by registering with one of the bookmakers selected by our editorial experts. Then, choose the NBA game you would like to bet on, define the amount of your bet and confirm the selection.

From what age can you bet on the NBA?

To bet on the NBA or any other sport, you must be at least 18 years old.

Is it possible to bet for free on the NBA?

To our knowledge, no bookmaker approved by the ANJ in France offers free betting on NBA matches. On the other hand, all bookmakers offer welcome bonuses when registering to make your first bets in complete safety.

Can I bet on the NBA from my smartphone?

Provided that the bookmaker of which you are a member is available as a mobile application, it is entirely possible to bet on the NBA from a smartphone or any other portable device.

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