The best-selling jerseys for each state of the USA, huge raid!

Jersey sales are a booming business for the big league, with fans snapping up players’ game kits like hotcakes. Recently, we also learned which stars were acclaimed according to the States… A man totally dominates the competition, without much surprise!

37 years old, LeBron James is slowly heading towards the end of his fantastic journey on the NBA floors. Until then though, the winger remains the league’s standard bearer and probably the most popular player. A good indicator for this are the jerseys sold with his name flocked on them. Indeed, as revealed by Nick DePaula ofESPNno one is as prolific in the field in the United States:

LeBron dominates jerseys sold, zero points for Steph Curry

Unsurprisingly, it is the Lakers winger who wins the palm of the jersey that we tear off across the Atlantic, with 29 States where he is the No. 1. Much more unexpectedly, Stephen Curry he was left empty-handed, when he perhaps represents the past decade better than anyone. We will also note some local plebiscites, such as Michael Jordan in Illinois or even Giannis Antetokounmpo in Wisconsin.

However, we can also mention some much more surprising results. Yao Ming thus wins the bet in… Montana, quite surprising since we would have been less surprised to see him appear in the lead in Texas. Ditto for Mike Bibby in Alabama or Grant Hill in Michigan, even if the latter started his career well in Detroit. In any case, Internet users remained skeptical of this, expressing their disbelief in the comments:

Yao Ming in Montana? 😭

Who buys a Mike Bibby jersey? 😭

It is not tomorrow the day before that we will see LeBron James being dethroned, he who largely dominates the competition despite the fact that he is approaching retirement. Who will be able to succeed him when he hangs up?

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