the best regular record rewarded

We knew the Larry O’Brien trophy, which rewards the champion team at the end of the Playoffs. We will now discover the Maurice Podoloff trophy, which will recognize the accomplishments of the team with the best regular season record.

The Suns will be able to breathe: the season is not completely lost! Unlike this ball. But joking aside, this addition is part of a dynamic initiated by the League in recent years. The NBA is constantly seeking to modernize and create ever more media events, as we saw a few days ago with the announcement of the slight shortening of the regular season next season, following the introduction of the “ In-Season Tournament”.

Adam Silver’s latest find? A new trophy, brand new, invented to reward the team ending the regular season with the best record in the League. Named after the first president of the league from 1947 to 1963, Maurice Podoloff, he shares this “naming” with the trophy… of MVP. What to wonder if the NBA would not consider renaming the Most Valuable Player trophy. After the creation of the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson trophies last season, to underline the performance of the two MVPs of the Conference Finals, one can easily imagine that the name of another legend (Michael Jordan perhaps?) will soon be used in this end.

We know a few teams who would have liked such a trophy to exist in their time (we think a lot of John Stockton and Karl Malone), it is now done. The NBA also took the opportunity to reveal the new designs for the Executive of the year, Sportsmanship (Joe Dumars Trophy), Teammate of the year (Twyman-Stokes Trophy) and Coach of the year (Red Auerbach Trophy) awards. : we let you make up your own mind, but here we strongly validate.

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