the best players in the French championship (340-331)

Francois Heutte
Lille (1957-1959), Racing Paris (1959-1964), Saint-Étienne (1964-1965), Lille (1965-1966), Reims (1966-1967)

There was a time in Paris when it was not PSG that spent lavishly, but rather the Blues and Whites of Racing Club. At the end of the 1950s, we were still talking in francs, but the sums paid by the capital club were crazy for the time. If the PEL is cracked to ask 26 million francs on the Ivorian Tokpa and make him the most expensive player in history, Racing has not forgotten to ask 16.25 more to attach the services of an Isarian pocket striker who had already made a name for himself in the North, at LOSC. For two years and after being revealed in D2 at…




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