The best money time scorers revealed, big surprise in 1st place!

When it comes to scoring points at the end of the game, the league has no shortage of big candidates. However, the Top 10 of the best scorers in the money time is full of surprises! The No. 1 in particular is not necessarily a player expected so high.

When you’re a scorer, you have to be a clutch in order to be among the very best. The last quarter of a match is therefore crucial for this type of player, especially when the score is tight and their team needs a big attacking contribution. It is therefore the perfect opportunity for Stephen curry and others Kevin Durant to show off.

However, when we look at the best effective scorers in the last 12 minutes, we realize that only a few stars are represented. At the top of the list, we find DeMar DeRozan, who sits (very) far ahead of the rest of the competition. The rookie of the Bulls, arrival of the Spurs during the summer, is on fire in this first month of competition with 26.9 points on average (4ᵉ in the league). Obviously, he also has an appetite for money time:

DeMar DeRozan, NBA top scorer in the last quarter

On average, this therefore averages 7.4 points in the money time for DMDR, or more than a quarter of its total production. Suffice to say that it responds present in hot moments! Special mention also to his teammate Zach LaVine, seventh in the standings. With this duo, Chicago has a hell of a bunch of killers at the end of games! The Lakers have also paid the price recently, bowing 121-103 to the Bulls.

The astonishing names do not end with the ex-Texan, however, quite the contrary. Cole Anthony is thus exceptionally high in the Rankings, he who is a hit for his sophomore season (20 points, more than 6 rebounds and 5 assists per game). Names like OG Anunoby (Raptors) or Nickeil Alexander-Walker (Pelicans) also have something to raise an eyebrow, not really being the most famous players.

In the end, only a few real big names emerge from this Top 10, like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Paul George. We can also cite Tyler herro, author of an absolutely brilliant start to the season and who has the particularity of making his production… out of the bench. If he continues his momentum, he who occupies the last place on the podium, the back of the Heat is almost guaranteed to finish Sixth Man of the Year. That’s all the good we can wish him!

Like what, it is not only the stars who ensure the job in the hot moments. One thing is certain, we will have to watch these players from now on, and especially when the time comes for the last quarter!

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