The best moments of Media Day NBA 2022 in video

A major event on the NBA calendar, Media Day kicks off the season for the 30 teams in the League each year. And each year, there are nuggets to be drawn from it: big statements, new looks, blagounettes… in short, it’s a bit like the meeting that sets the tone for the campaign to come. This way the best-of of the 2022 edition.

Maybe you haven’t had time to sit down in front of the countless interviews that have animated the NBA news yesterday and in the last few days, but fortunately this big video concocted by the league is here to offer you a session of catch-up. A 26-minute video in which you can find all the quotes to remember from Media Day 2022, from Los Angeles to Boston via Atlanta, Chicago or New Orleans. If you want to see Jimmy Butler with his two-mile dreadlocks, it’s over here. If you want to see Pat Beverley in his works, just click. If you want to see Ja Morant with a camera in his hands, you’ve come to the right place. You understood, some had fun in front of the journalists and so much the better for them because serious things will soon begin. Like every year, Media Day is also synonymous with the start of training camp for the various NBA franchises, where smiles quickly give way to faces marked by fatigue.

That’s it, it’s back to the Big League. After the traditional photos and interviews that mark Media Day, it’s now time for training camp and then the preseason, which will start this weekend with several matches on the program. Do you also smell this sweet smell of recovery?

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