the best frontcourts! TrashTalk aperitif

Monday is Top 10 All-Time! On the program, updates of certain major themes which have already been entitled to their Top 10 but which deserve to be reviewed because the ranking has evolved or even been turned upside down by the performance of recent years. And also: new themes, such as the 10 best… frontcourts!

Here is the link supposed to accompany absolutely all your days

The Top 10 all-time on the best backcourts had rather « not badly » caused a stir, even if the numbers 1 suffered only a few disputes. Make way for the backcourts now, positions 3, 4 and 5 for the novices, the “big guys” of this world. Big Three literally and figuratively, more or less recent in the history of the NBA, but trios on which we had to look. Spoilers? Kind of a little one? The Celtics, Bulls, Lakers, Sixers, Spurs and Warriors are said to be the six best franchises in history, and to win rings a frontcourt can come in handy. For the rest ? We let you discover all this, by announcing to you already that the trio Marcin Gortat / Nene Hilario / Markieff Morris did not pass the cut and that the MSN of PSG is too fragile to claim it.

You know the formula. We sit comfortably, we take something to snack on, we listen and we react if we want, all in a good mood.

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