The beautiful solidarity of the supporters of Alavés with those of Cadiz, which plays its maintenance

While Cadiz plays its maintenance during the last day against Alavés on Sunday, the Basque club, itself already relegated, has decided to set the price of tickets at 120 euros for those who would like to go to the stadium without a subscription. Very critical of this initiative, supporters of Alavés have therefore decided to give their subscriptions to Andalusian supporters so that they can attend « the final ».

The Cadiz club will play the most important game of their season on Sunday. Still in the fight for maintenance, the other yellow submarine of Spanish football faces Alavés, a club already relegated, outside. Sergio’s team must absolutely win against the Basques and hope for a defeat of Mallorca or Granada in order to stay in the first division for another year.

Notes between 120 and 150 euros

A large number of yellow supporters are expected in Vitoria to come and encourage their team. Except that the leaders of Alavés do not want to see their stadium filled with opposing supporters, while the season of the 19th in La Liga is already over after their defeat against Levante 3-1 in the last game.

The club’s management has decided to set ticket prices between 120 and 150 euros for those who are neither subscribers nor socios… adding to the already very high price of the trip between southern Andalusia and Vitoria-Gasteiz where the Alavés club resides. In addition, tickets will only be sold at the club shop or at the box office on match day. On the other hand, all holders of an Alavés subscription will be able to obtain two tickets at the price of 25 euros. On the day of the match, it will be necessary to present the identity card with the tickets in order to avoid a transfer of places between the supporters of Alavés and Cádiz.

Fans of Alavés offer their places to those of Cadiz

A series of measures that the club sells as « a tribute to the supporters », but they do not seem to have perceived it in the same way. On social media, for example, the Peña Iraultza 1921 issued a strong message: « The only tribute to the fans is to start respecting them. Haven’t you learned anything? Enough of making fun of yourselves in the offices and on field ». Basque supporters have even already planned to boo their players and leaders during the last match of this season in La Liga, before D2 next year.

In their press release, the supporters therefore apologized on behalf of the club to the Cadistas and offered to lend their subscriptions or buy the available places at a lower cost for them. On social media, Yellows supporters thanked fans for the gesture, who have always been on good terms with Cadiz fans. The constraint of the identity card should however put a blow to this initiative.

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