The bad news is linked for the Warriors!

With a new rout this Thursday evening, the Warriors are going through a rather complicated period, like Steph Curry. The bad news also exists far from the floors, with an absence which extends for James Wiseman. We know the reason.

While the Warriors have had a huge start to the season, it’s been something else for the past few weeks. Steph Curry continues the clumsiness in shooting, while Klay Thompson clearly needs time before he can positively impact the matches. In the meantime, the defeats are there.

With 4 disappointments in the last 5 games, the Dubs are in a rather complex period. Steve Kerr isn’t freaking out, but fans are worried about the level of this team. This Thursday night, they lost to the Bucks with a 99-118 rout. Opposite ? Not much to deal with the historic performance of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

An absence continues at the Dubs

We can still remember that Draymond Green has still not returned, and we know his importance in this roster. No choice, the Dubs have to do without him, just like James Wiseman. The pivot was however to return before Thompson at the start, but chained the hard blows.

James Wiseman had knee arthroscopy in mid-December to relieve swelling, sources say. He’s progressing in order to be allowed to play with contact, but that’s what blocked his return to the Warriors last month.

Wiseman’s recovery does not go as planned as he struggles with problems with his knee. Nothing serious, but it prolongs his stay in the infirmary, which is always harmful for a young person. The Dubs hope to count on him in the coming weeks, even if the staff will not take any risks:

The return of James Wiseman? It will still be necessary to wait for the pivot, which passed on the billiards during December. Simple delay, but Steve Kerr would very much like to count on him during the end of the campaign. News is expected soon.

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