The bad deal of the Blues

The Blues may have remained unbeaten in 2021, at least technically, France has had a difficult year in the FIFA rankings.

The Blues have fulfilled two of their three goals for the year. However, the failure of the Euro, completed with a pitiful elimination from the round of 16 obviously wins over the coronation in the Nations League and qualification for the next World Cup. Elimination against the Nati having been played on penalties, the men of Didier Deschamps did not finish the year undefeated.

But despite a record of victories and draws in matches, the world champions were not celebrating in the FIFA rankings. Second at the start of the year, France finished 2021 in third place, overtaken by Brazil. And the gap has also widened with Belgium since the Red Devils, now under threat from the Seleçao, have 42 points ahead of France against 25 a year earlier.

During the year, France only collected a total of 31 points. It is much less than Belgium, which garnered 48 points, or than Brazil, which scored 83 points, in particular thanks to its place of finalist of the Copa America. But not surprisingly, Italy and Argentina are doing even better. The winner of the Euro has indeed seen his total increase by 115 points while the Albiceleste, who won the Copa America and amassed 108 points. Special mention also to England, the finalist of the Euro, who scored 85 points. But in this area, the prize goes to Canada, which collected 130 points this year. Special mention also in the United States, which gained 103 points.

The best performing teams in 2021:
1. Canada 130 points
2. Italy 115 points
3. Argentina 108 points
4. United States 103 points
5. England 85 points
6. Brazil 83 points
7. Iran 61 points
8. Spain 59 points
9. Morocco 56 points
10. Czech Republic 54 points

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