The awesome new nickname for Joel Embiid and James Harden!

In a few hours, James Harden will make his debut with the Sixers jersey, all alongside Joel Embiid. The duo is expected at the turn in Minnesota, and has just inherited a new nickname. No need to wait long for it to start circulating on social media.

It’s the big day for the Sixers, who are preparing to witness the return of James Harden on the parquet floors. Recovered from his injury, the Bearded will be dressed to face Wolves this Friday evening: a meeting that should not be missed, with a Joel Embiid who will also be present. Between them, they want to do some serious damage.

James Harden ready for his debut!

Can this duo carry the Sixers to the title? It is quite possible, although we will have to wait to see how things evolve in the future. While waiting for the sequel, and their first match, Harden and Embiid have already picked up a new nickname on social networks…


You understood, it will therefore be necessary to mention “Embeard” when talking about the duo Embiid and Harden, in reference to his nickname. Moreover, some Internet users have already started to follow the movement:

The two weeks felt like 5 months and I couldn’t be more excited for the “EmBeard” duo!

The wait is over!!! Embarrassment ❤

The NBA is warned, the “Embeard” show begins, and many are curious to want to see the result. The Sixers are happy, but above all hope to take a good victory against the Wolves: answer in a few hours.

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