The Awakening of Jordan Clarkson | NBA


If he secured his fifteen points per game, Jordan Clarkson was still not in his best form since the start of the season. Very clumsy, the best sixth man of last season was in the hard.

The proof with the last two meetings, totally failed, where he had compiled a dreadful 0/18 at 3-pts!

And against the Hawks, in the first act, it was not much better. He still missed the target and, worse, refused open shots. Was doubt starting to settle in his head? The second half quickly erased that with 25 points!

« That’s why I love this team », he commented after the victory of the Jazz, for the Deseret News. “I love my teammates, the staff, this franchise. They believe in me, in my abilities. That’s wonderful. That’s why we want to play hard and win matches. I am very grateful for this. « 

Jordan Clarkson ended the game with 30 points at 10/19 shooting and 4/10 at 3-pts. In the second half, his attitude had changed, he was sharper, more confident. In the fourth quarter, against De’Andre Hunter, he dribbled together before concluding with a 3-point over the head of the Atlanta defender. All with Donovan Mitchell a few inches from him on the bench, very agitated by the performance of his teammate.

« I hear it all the time », said the former Lakers speaking of Donovan Mitchell, forfeited this game because of his ankle. “He knows what I’m going to do when I’m around. It’s nice, he’s an All-Star. To have that kind of support is amazing. « 

Jordan clarksonPercentageRebounds
2017-18 *All Teams812345.
2017-18 *LAL532444.832.479.
2017-18 *KEY282345.640.781.
2019-20 *All Teams712445.436.883.
2019-20 *UTH422546.236.678.
2019-20 *KEY292344.


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