The Australian GP has been given the green light by the government for 2022 |


Australian Grand Prix boss Andrew Westacott said he has received assurances from the local government that the race can go ahead in 2022 as planned.

The Australian Grand Prix is ​​scheduled on the 2022 Formula 1 calendar from April 8 to 10 at the recently renovated Albert Park layout in Melbourne. The race will be the third round of the year and organizers say ticket sales have gone well so far for the event. To be able to participate in the event, spectators will have to present a complete vaccination schedule and unless there is an upsurge in cases in the coming weeks, the Australian Grand Prix will take place this year as planned, assures Andrew Westacott.

 » We have a commitment from the Victorian Government that the event will go ahead. » Westacott told

 » We have a commitment from Formula 1 on their coming for the third round. We’re selling tickets like hotcakes and we’re 80 days away from the event (at time of interview). So everything is going well, everything is getting ready, and I can’t wait to welcome the best drivers in the world in new cars on a new track. »

 » But having said that, what I’m saying is that we’ll be anything but normal – we’ll have brand new cars on the track, we’ll have new entertainment and music throughout the four days. Everyone will need to be vigilant from a safety point of view and that participants will be 100% vaccinated. But we’re in a huge park, it’s mostly outdoors and we’re starving for big events. So we are working with the government to make sure that everything we do allows us to have as many people as possible. »

When asked if holding the Australian Grand Prix behind closed doors was a viable option should the outbreak resume and further restrictions be put in place, Westacott replied:  » I don’t even consider that. I think Australia has moved on and I think Victoria has moved on. It’s not even a consideration right now and I don’t think it ever will be. »

However, should the worst happen and the race is canceled for a third consecutive year, Westacott added that fans don’t have to worry about the issue of possible ticket refunds: « They always have a guarantee, because we’re a government funded event, that if something happened they would get their money back. »


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