The astronomical salary that James Harden could receive at the 76ers!

Central character of the last hours before the trade deadline, James Harden could land at the 76ers. Whether it happens in the next few hours or this summer, the Bearded could claim an XXL contract in Philadelphia, with historical value!

The trade market will end in a few hours from now, which is causing a real frenzy within the NBA. Two big transfers were announced on Tuesday, involving Blazers, Pelicans, Pacers and Kings. Nets side, nothing moves for the moment, including in the file James Harden. However, it is likely to make headlines until the end of the negotiations.

For the third time in a row, The Beard was not part of Steve Nash’s rotation against Boston. However, the reason for this absence is debated. According to Jack Settleman, the Brooklyn franchise would have voluntarily kept its rear in the infirmary, pending possible developments in discussions with the 76ers. And for now, the discourse of New York leaders does not really go in this direction.

Historic contract for James Harden in Philly?

Everything is therefore possible in this Harden soap opera, even if the various reports suggest that the 2018 MVP should not last forever in Brooklyn. If he does not intervene before Thursday evening, his departure for Philadelphia could thus take place next summer. In any case, Daryl Morey’s plan would be accounting clear, and would include a crazy proposal for the Bearded Man!

If the 76ers get James Harden, the next step should be to extend him so he’s financially on par with Joel Embiid. This involves a 5-year, $270.18M contract for Harden, with salaries of:

$47.3M for the 2022-23 season
$49.7M for the 2023-24 season
$53.7M for the 2024-25 season
$57.7M for the 2025-26 season
$61.6M for the 2026-27 season

To obtain such salaries, which would see him touch more than 61 million dollars… at 37, Harden will have to honor his player option next year, then accept an extension with his franchise. Note that he can apply for the same lease in Brooklyn by following this procedure. Be that as it may, if he wishes to ensure his future as much as possible, the nine-time All-Star will therefore have to put his future in the hands of his superiors, free to trade it or not!

Sent with insistence to the 76ers, James Harden could obtain a fabulous contract there. For that, however, he will have to hope that his leaders agree with those of Philly around a deal!

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