The Aston Martin DX S is getting ready for next year

Aston Martin plans to expand the range of its DBX with several versions, with plug-in hybrid of course, but also even more powerful variants compared to the model we currently know.

The next DBX to be shown is expected to be the S version, and a prototype was seen during a test drive, with the same red film applied to the standard model before launch. The same hashtag « O Gymru » is also present on the windows and the rear window, which means « from Wales », to remind us of where the car is made.

Spy shots Aston Martin DBX S

A front panel already revised

The prototype comes with a revised lower part of the front bumper and a larger grille than the standard model, with side air intakes that integrate the fog lights. These changes indicate the need for more efficient cooling for the engine, an engine that should therefore be more powerful than the 550 horsepower of the DBX that we already know.

At the rear, this even sportier version stands out with its four tailpipes, unlike the two tailpipes of the standard DBX. Other than that element, there doesn’t seem to be any major new additions to the rear and sidewalls, but maybe they’re still camouflaged?

Spy shots Aston Martin DBX S

Soon with a V12?

As for the engine that will power this new variant of the British SUV, some rumors suggest that there would be room for a V12, but it seems more likely that a turbocharged V8 will be used for the version shown in photos, a V8 whose power could be around 600 horsepower.

Launched just two years ago, the Aston Martin DBX is in a way the savior of the firm of Gaydon, this model already representing half of the manufacturer’s sales. Aston Martin would therefore be wrong not to take advantage of the success of its SUV to make new versions of it.

The DBX will also be electrified as confirmed by the CEO of Aston Martin, Tobias Moers, with in particular the arrival of a micro-hybrid version by the end of the year. For its part, the Aston Martin DBX S should be presented by next year and will expand the DBX range, a range which should consist of six versions by 2024.

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