the asphalt repaired at the last minute in Miami

At the end of the day on Thursday, curious black spots appeared on the route of the Miami Grand Prix. Although the damage has been repaired, the worry has not gone away.

The governing bodies of the Miami Grand Prix had cold sweats watching theappearance of curious black spots on the line, Thursday afternoon. The latter are due in particular because of the work completed in record time and the particular composition of that of theMiami International Autodrome.

The pinned turn 17, turn 18 and turn 7 along the artificial Marina were affected and repaired during the night. The worry did not disappear with these tasks. This damage appeared without any car or single-seater taking to the track. If the areas at risk seem to be targeted, the FIA ​​and the authorities will remain on the lookout throughout the weekend, to monitor the evolution of the track especially very abrasive asphalt.

L’pit lane entrance is also questioned. The latter includes a chicane to force drivers to slow down before entering the lane limited to 80 km/h. Nevertheless, most remained skeptical when observing the latter.

Photo: Icon Sports

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