The arch-daring Bulls troll towards Steph Curry!

Chicago Bulls NBA franchise carried out controversial troll over Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry and linked to legend Michael Jordan

Stephen Curry / YouTube (DR) / NBA (DR)

Struck in an XXL way by the Covid-19 in recent days, the Bulls saw their match scheduled for Tuesday against the Pistons being rejected by the league. They were therefore able to quietly witness the new crazy record of Steph Curry, and reacted to it … by paying the head of the Chef!

It was initially the business of one member of the bench, in the person of Coby White. Then two, with the addition to the absent list of Javonte Green. In the end, the coronavirus epidemic that is raging within the Bulls workforce today prevents 10 players in the franchise from playing the slightest minute. An impressive massacre, which pushed the league to make a heavy decision.

Forced to have eight players to take part in a meeting, the Chicago franchise has finally benefited from the postponement of its next two games, starting with the one scheduled for Tuesday, against Detroit. Failing to have to appear on their floor, Billy Donovan’s players were able to follow the other games that were held in parallel, including the one oh so symbolic between the Warriors and the Knicks.

The Bulls’ scathing comparison for Steph Curry

This duel between New York and Golden State allowed Stephen curry to finally win the record for the number of 3-point shots registered in career, with now 2,977 units! A performance which earned the Chef admiring reactions throughout the league… or almost. The official broadcaster of the Bulls, NBC Sports Chicago, has indeed relayed one of his own tweets to troll the Chef, and to praise Michael jordan !

NBC Sports Bulls (July 23, 2019) : Michael Jordan has won a ring in 46% of the seasons he’s been in with the Bulls. Steph Curry is spinning 44% at long distance. This therefore means that it was more likely that MJ would win a title rather than Steph putting in a 3 points 🤯

NBC Sports Bulls (December 15, 2021) : We maintain what we said.

US sports and their analysts are well versed in absurd statistics, but they are reaching new heights in the field. In this way, NBCS was probably just trying to shed light on MJ’s illustrious career, by surfing on the hot topic of the moment. Lucky for Steph, his glorious peers were much more conciliatory and praiseworthy towards him !

Instead of congratulating Steph Curry for his historic record, the Bulls and their broadcaster preferred to recall his inferiority against Michael Jordan. A very funny way to pay tribute to His Airness!

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