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Arbitration worries the teams

World Cup qualifiers-2022

It clears up. It’s practically the end of the first installment for the qualifiers. The game was certainly not easy. The rest will be the most difficult. Football has become so popular today that the language of football has taken off considerably, with journalists and commentators delivering all the linguistic subtleties over the matches. The technical and professional vocabulary of this sport has itself been enriched with new words linked to the evolution and changes in the rules of the game. The combinations of play are not those of the promises of the selectors. The sporting battle is already engaged. On the ground, the African teams will have to convince the experts, observers, professionals of the round ball that they are capable of winning the qualification through their game and that they can, during the World Cup, resist the waves of the great established European teams. in duels in world competitions. They must be on the ground and not absent on the ground.
A World Cup match is, as an international expert reminds us, followed by more than half of the inhabitants of the Planet! It is about a few billion people, of all races, colors, religions and languages, glued in front of the TV screen, for two halves of 45 minutes each, with an interval of 15 minutes, during which we nibble. something, and above all we discuss in a heated way on this or that action, this or that footballer, using the most colorful language.

The 6th qualifier is known: Ghana
This Sunday, the race was just as colorful for some teams who could finally feel free. They are six and will be more this Tuesday. After Senegal, Morocco, Mali and Egypt, DR Congo, Ghana fills the sixth box for the play-offs of the 2022 World Cup in the Africa zone. “Behind closed doors but all the same under the eyes of President Félix Tshisekedi, the Leopards won the ‘final’ of Group J against Benin (2-0) at the Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa”. A victory where the referee of the match marred it, and which gave rise to a big controversy, which carbonizes the level of African refereeing and which will leave a very bitter taste to the Beninese, eliminated. The DRC, for its part, long behind in its group, snatches its ticket over the last two days.

Arbitration becomes « House »
« A good example of home refereeing », underlines to a colleague who adds that despite the protests of the visitors, Mbokani succeeds with the penalty (1-0, 10th), before narrowly missing the goal of the break on a header which spun to side. Here is a new affair which does not honor the image of African football… It was not the end of the controversies, another referee sows the same climate which will have, according to specialists, spoiled the game.
Ghana in a rough match …
A few hours after the DR Congo in front of its home crowd in Cape Coast, Ghana seized the 6th ticket for the play-offs, also benefiting from a contentious penalty to win the Group G final against South Africa (1-0). The Bafana Bafana have long been in the lead in this campaign and are finally eliminated by the number of goals scored (same total points, same goal difference)!

The Malagasy army at the hotel where the Tanzanian players stay
This Sunday, Madagascar and Tanzania faced each other on the last day of Group J of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. And despite the lack of stakes, the two selections being already out of the race, the Malagasy hosts are accused of putting pressure on the Taifa Stars delegation.
In a tweet, the Tanzanian Federation (TFF) thus denounced, with video support, the arrival of a contingent of the Malagasy army at the hotel where the players are staying in Antananarivo. « A few hours before the match, armed soldiers notably settled in the corridors leading to the rooms to pick up three players (Bakari Mwamnyeto, Aishi Manula and the star Mbwana Samatta are cited) who would be positive for Covid-19 in order to place them in quarantine. This disproportionate show of force that was thought to be reserved for the hunt for serious criminals looks a lot like an attempt at intimidation which has had its effect since none of the three players mentioned appears on the score sheet, ”reports an African newspaper. .

Summary by H. Hichem

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