The announced n ° 1 of the Draft 2022 arrested by the police!

Paolo Banchero is distinct on the court since the start of the NCAA season with top performances. The problem is that he just found himself involved in an affair with the police. Not ideal when you claim first place in the Draft!

At the start of the NCAA season, the best college players and future high draft picks are supposed to stand out for their performances on the field… This is something perfectly assimilated by Scotty Pippen Jr. scored huge for his second game of the year with Vanderbilt. This is also what Memphis prodigy Emoni Bates did, who released 17 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists on his big debut.

But the one who impresses the most at the start of the season is Victor Wembanyama’s great rival, the one who stole the MVP title of the last U19 World Championship from him: Chet Holmgren. With 14 points, 13 rebounds, 7 blocks and 6 assists for his first official outing with Gonzaga’s jersey, the young pivot has proven that he has the talent to be the next No. 1 in Draft!

Paolo Banchero involved in drunk driving!

All the more so since one of his rivals, Paolo Banchero of Duke, has just got into trouble … Indeed, even though he has made a good start to the season in sporting terms, the winger has been arrested by the police with his teammate Michael Savarino, who is none other than the grandson of Coach K! As is often the case at this age, it is a question of drunk driving. ESPN recount :

Duke’s full-back Michael Savarino, Coach K’s grandson, and his teammate Paolo Banchero were arrested following a traffic check in Savarino this Sunday morning. Savarino was arrested for driving while intoxicated, Banchero for assistance and complicity. After toasting a stop sign, Savarino was checked with 0.08 grams of alcohol in his blood. Banchero was released on the spot.

If the alcohol level found in Savarino’s blood is particularly low, it should be remembered that it is forbidden to drink for all people who are not 21 years old in the United States … And Paolo Banchero would have been arrested for not not having prevented his friend from driving under these conditions. Fortunately, he should get away with a simple reminder of the law or a fine, which should not impact his image too much before the Draft 2022.

Paolo Banchero was not strong enough to prevent his teammate from taking the wheel, which is reprehensible in North Carolina. It remains to be seen whether Duke University will impose a sanction on him in the coming days …

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