The amazing player the Lakers want to kick out

With many losses this season, the Lakers are logically thinking about making changes within the roster. A new player could be traded, which surprised the fans. But on the side of Frank Vogel, we think we have found another winning formula.

21-21 is the Lakers mid-season record. It’s not a habit for LeBron James, who is more the type to hang around at the top of his conference, but not here. It must be said that the Angelinos have had to manage a lot of absences, including that of Anthony Davis and Kendrick Nunn at present.

It’s a fact: this roster has never been 100%. However, this does not justify the poor performances, like Russell Westbrook, heavily criticized after his game against the Kings. Rob Pelinka should take action by the February deadline, it remains to be seen in what form.

New trade in sight at the Lakers!

We know it, the front office wants to get rid of 2 players, even if this mission promises to be quite complex. While waiting to see how things evolve, we have just learned thanks to Bleacher Report that Dwight Howard could follow the same path…

The Lakers don’t have a lot of trade flexibility, but that’s not stopping Los Angeles from exploring trades. Rob Pelinka only has Talen Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn, players who possess value and aren’t at the minimum, but that won’t be enough to accommodate Grant or Turner. The Lakers have been calling other teams to gauge Dwight Howard’s worth, sources say.

Rather good this season at the pivot position, Howard could be sacrificed. A news that is surprising, but Pelinka can choose to bet on DeAndre Jordan, for lack of anything better. Another signing on the free agent market is also possible, but nothing should move before the deadline.

This rumor is not that crazy, since LeBron performs at the pivot position and his new position. With Anthony Davis returning in the next few weeks, there isn’t much room left for players on the bench…

Dwight Howard soon traded? We are taking the path with the Lakers, who are in any case in agreement with this possibility. We expect changes in the coming weeks, and the racket is clearly targeted: the pivots are on alert.

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