The Alpenglow, the future face of Alpine in motorsport

Alpine prepares its future. The Dieppe brand has lifted the veil on its new concept car, the Alpenglow. A prototype with futuristic looks that prefigures the next designs of the French firm, whether for its road vehicles or for its competition cars.

This concept car represents the vision of the future of the brand with the A arrow in motorsport. The design is reminiscent of the new Hypercars, entered in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As a reminder, Alpine will take part in the WEC in 2024, but with an LMDh. We could therefore find the front of the Alpenglow concept on the next French LMDh, with this new light signature that runs the width of the car.

Alpenglow: hydrogen, aerodynamics and performance

Designed for competition, the Alpenglow displays aerodynamic lines. Thus, the sidepods cut into aerodynamic tunnels optimize the flow of air around the bodywork, combining efficiency and aesthetics. The movable transparent spoiler at the rear is not there to look pretty: when it is in the low position, it helps reduce aerodynamic drag. When rising, it generates more downforce and can even serve as an airbrake. This spoiler and the two tapered fenders recall the rear of the Alpine A210 and A220 prototypes which took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the end of the 1960s.

Under the hood, there is a hydrogen internal combustion engine, on which the Alpine brand and the Renault Group are betting for the future of motorsport. The « green » hydrogen is stored in two tanks on either side of the cockpit. This green hydrogen is used to power a heat engine which releases water vapor during combustion. Thus, Alpine highlights its ecological fiber by offering a car that does not emit CO2 as will be its future production models which will be 100% electric and will use batteries and electromotors.

The Alpenglow concept car will be presented by Alpine at the Paris Motor Show, from October 17 to 23 at Porte de Versailles.

The Alpine Alpenglow in pictures:

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