The All-Star who refused a trade to the Warriors last season!

Playing for the Warriors is a privilege many NBA players dream of, since the Bay franchise is used to titles and big campaigns of playoffs. But obviously, an All-Star does not see it that way, he who refused to join Steph Curry to stay with… Russell Westbrook!

The Warriors are unquestionably the best managed franchise in recent years, as proven by the four titles won over the previous eight seasons… Even during periods of doubt, with the injuries of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, consecutive non-participations in the playoffs, no leader panicked and decided to start the reconstruction.

In fact, it was when they were at their lowest that the Warriors laid the foundation for today’s success, including making smart trades. D’Angelo Russell, struggling in the Bay, was sent to Minnesota against Andrew Wiggins, who became All-Star in San Francisco and was one of the best players in the last Finals. A more than profitable choice in the field.

Bradley Beal refused a trade with the Warriors!

And last season, faced with the poor results of the franchise, GM Bob Myers was again tempted to strengthen his workforce by bringing in another All-Star to support Stephen Curry… An unsuccessful attempt, since he would have taken a big stop by the player himself! The website BasketballGM returns to this revelation made by Brian Windhorst in recent days.

During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, the journalist fromESPN Brian Windhorst explained that the Warriors have seriously considered arranging a trade for Bradley Beal during the 2020-2021 season. But the player took responsibility and explained to his leaders that he did not want to join Golden State. Even without a no-trade clause, he had a say in the negotiations.

Bradley Beal has made the buzz in recent weeks, by extending to the Wizards for an XXL contract but above all by negotiating a no-trade clause, what very few players in history have been able to do. From this summer, the rear has the right to refuse all trade proposals received by its leaders, even if it obviously had this privilege long before the signing of its extension.

As he went through a complicated season with Russell Westbrook alongside him, the All-Star refused to jump ship to join the Warriors, where he would have been in a much better sporting situation. He who dreams so much of winning a title could have done it a few weeks ago, but he was far too attached to Washington to seize this opportunity. Loyalty is not dead in the NBA.

The Warriors are one of the most attractive teams in the NBA, many would dream of playing the title with Stephen Curry and under the orders of Steve Kerr. Bradley Beal is not one of them, he who preferred to stay in Washington, despite calls from the feet of Golden State.

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