The All-Star who dropped out of 5 million for … not playing Pelicans

It’s not much of a secret in the league, New Orleans isn’t the most popular destination. This was verified in this free agency, since a player preferred to go elsewhere rather than take more money from the Pelicans.

For Pelicans, this free agency is not necessarily the dream one. Initially, the front office had great ambitions in order to support Zion Williamson, especially considering the competition present within the Western conference. Unfortunately, and just like the lead, not everything went as planned.

By setting up a trade for Eric Bledsoe and Lonzo Ball a few days later, we quickly realized that the goal was to find a leader for the years to come. The goal was achieved with Devonte ‘Graham, even if his profile questions the side of Louisiana. Not very creative, he could be problematic in the 5 major with the rest.

While waiting to learn more and see the performance of the roster, we already know that Graham was not the number 1 option of the Pelicans. Like the Mavs or other teams, the franchise had targeted Kyle Lowry as a priority, to the point of offering him a nice jackpot: $ 90 million for 3 years. Problem ? The person refused, preferring to go to the Heat.

What is interesting to note, and as Barry Jackson shows, Lowry preferred to take less money to spin Miami. Worse still according to the journalist, he never considered the idea of ​​playing alongside Zion, clearly not interested in this team.

New Orleans was prepared to give Lowry $ 90 million over three years or more, according to a source. But Lowry never considered this option. Instead, he took 3 years and $ 85 million in Miami.

Pelicans do not enjoy an excellent reputation in the market, and this is reflected through the free agency. Kyle Lowry completely ignored the franchise, even if it means taking less money elsewhere.

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