the African Top 20 of October 2022

According to the latest calculations of the International Football Federationfollowing the recent friendly confrontations of the international truce, there will be several rearrangements in the Monthly FIFA ranking of nations determining the best national teams african of the month ofOctober.

Ivory Coast wins 4 places!

Indeed, authors of a full board during their last two appearances with two successes in as many games (3-1 against Guinea and 2-1 against Togo), them Elephants of Ivory Coast (9th African, 52nd worldwide) should be the biggest beneficiaries of the next FIFA ranking for the Africa area which will be released on Thursday, October 20.

The men of Jean Louis Gasset should pick up +8.38 points in the standings to climb to the 48th in the world (+4 places) and settle in the continental Top 9 ahead of the Burkina Faso (10th).

Senegal, undisputed king!

It should also be noted that according to FIFA statistics, the national team of Senegal will continue to dominate Africa as the Lions of Morocco (2nd) will always complete the African podium.

Then will come the Nigeria (3rd), the Tunisia (4th) and theEgypt (5th), while great nations of African football like the DR Congofrom Ghanaof the Guinea or evenSouth Africa and Gabon will not be in the Top 10.

Here is the probable African Top 20 for the month of October 2022:

1) Senegal (18th worldwide) (=)

2) Morocco (22nd worldwide) (+1 space)

3) Nigeria (31st worldwide) (=)

4) Tunisia (33rd worldwide) (-3 spaces)

5) Algeria (36th worldwide) (+4 places)

6) Egypt (39th worldwide) (+1 space)

7) Cameroon (43rd worldwide) (-4 spaces)

8) Mali (46th worldwide) (=)

9) Ivory Coast (48th worldwide) (+4 spaces)

10) Burkina Faso (54th worldwide) (+1 space)

11) Ghana (60th worldwide) (=)

12) South Africa (67th worldwide) (+1 space)

13) Cape Verde (71st worldwide) (+ 2 spaces)

14) DR Congo (74th worldwide) (-2 seats)

15) Gabon (81st worldwide) (-2 seats)

16) Guinea (83rd worldwide) (=)

17) Zambia (88th worldwide) (-1 place)

18) Uganda (89th worldwide) (+1 space)

19) Benin (91st worldwide) (=)

20) Equatorial Guinea (98th worldwide) (=)

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