The African Cup will take place, the rant of Samuel Eto’o


While the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations still seems threatened by the coronavirus pandemic, Samuel Eto’o reassured all fans of African football.

In recent days, the world press has explained that CAN could be canceled, due to the strong spread of the Omicron variant. Under pressure from some English clubs, who will tighten their controls after the explosion in the number of Covid cases inside the Premier League in recent days, the competition may not be held in Cameroon as planned, from January 9 to February 6 next. A false rumor, according to Samuel Eto’o, for whom the African Cup of Nations, already postponed for a year, will take place early next year, despite the complacency of some players in the African football …

« Some Africans are still accomplices … »

“I do not see why the CAN would not take place. This way of doing things does not please me … In any case, the Federation, which I represent, will defend with the utmost energy the holding of this African Cup. An excuse to postpone it? Which ? If Euro 2020 was played while we were in the midst of a pandemic, with full stadiums. There were no incidents and we played in several cities in Europe. Why the CAN not be played in Cameroon? Give me only one valid reason. Or then we are being told that, as we have always been treated, we are less than nothing so we must endure. Let us be told things clearly. What is difficult in this affair is that some Africans are still accomplices… ”, swung, at the microphone of Canal + Sport Africa, the president of FECAFOOT, who knows that English clubs will not win the battle to keep their players …


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