The 777 hypercar is unveiled in detail

The 777 hypercar was unveiled this Tuesday, November 22 at Monza. This prototype marks the grand debut of an all-new automaker named 777 Motors, founded by entrepreneur and collector Andrea Levy. This car will be produced in a limited edition of only 7 copies, all of which will be sold at a price of 7 million euros each.

The 777 hypercar is the result of a collaboration between Dallara, Gibson and Umberto Palermo Design. It has a carbon monocoque homologated by the FIA, a 4,500 cc atmospheric engine developing 730 hp. at 9,000 rpm, weighs 900 kg and will be powered by synthetic fuels. His estimated lap time on the Monza circuit is 1 minute and 33 seconds. Important data since it is the only circuit on which the 777 will be authorized to run.

Exclusive to Monza

The seven copies planned for 2025 will still be kept by the manufacturer at the headquarters of 777 Motors, located in Monza. It is on the Temple of Speed, and only there, that future buyers will be able to use it on the track and participate in exclusive events specially organized for them, with dedicated track engineers. No entry into competition is therefore planned.

The delivery of the cars is scheduled for 2022, but will be preceded by the sending to each owner’s home of two preparation equipment: advanced training equipment created specifically for this car as well as a professional simulator. Buyers will also have the opportunity to train under the same conditions as professional pilots thanks to an individual training program using the Dallara Driving Simulator from Varano de’ Melegari (Italy) or Indianapolis (USA), usually reserved for Formula 1, IndyCar and Endurance drivers.

“For more than two years, we have been working with our partners to create a hypercar that overcomes the constraints imposed on major manufacturers or restrictive motorsport regulations, explains Andrea Levy. I believe that, for the next decade, the best performance achievable for a hypercar, combined with maximum driving pleasure, can be obtained with the use of a combustion engine, without any hybrid component. »

The 777 hypercar can be seen from spring 2023 at the Autodromo nazionale di Monza where it will be exhibited at the headquarters of 777 Motors.

Specifications of the 777 hypercar engineered by Dallara:

Chassis: FIA homologated carbon monocoque

Engine: 8-cylinder V

Displacement: 4,500cc

Power: 730hp at 9,000 rpm

Maximum speed: 370 km/h

Weight: 900kg

Lateral acceleration: 3.5/4.0G.

Downforce: 2,100 kg at 370 km/h

Lap time on the Monza circuit: 1’33”.

Edition limited to seven cars

Price: 7 million euros

Delivery: from 2025

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