The 5 richest football clubs in 2022

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The aspect of money in football is becoming more and more important over the years. For clubs to be consistently competitive at the highest level, they need to make a lot of money.

Premier League clubs are some of the highest earning clubs in the world, mainly due to the huge revenues they earn from TV broadcasts. However, other European teams can compete with the EPL in terms of revenue.

Today’s professional football teams derive their income from sponsors and broadcast deals, ticket sales, social media and trophies won.

The Deloitte Money League is a precise calculation made by the English network of multinational services. With that being said, let’s take a look at the 5 richest football clubs in 2022.

5.Manchester United

Country : England

Revenue: €558 million

“Manchester United is a European giant that has suffered from a drop in revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But last season the Red Devils failed to win a trophy for the fourth consecutive year.

The Red Devils were knocked out of the Champions League group stage which saw them earn less than expected in this competition. In addition, the lack of fans in stadiums has also affected matchday revenues.

Although United were able to sign big names like Jaydon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, their total revenue for last season was €558m – down from €580m the previous season. While that keeps them in the top 5 of the world’s greatest businessmen, it’s still less than United bosses had hoped.

Manchester United’s main sources of income

  • Successful sponsorship contracts;
  • Sign popular football players;
  • Sale of goods

4. FC Barcelona

Country : Spain

Revenue: 582.1 million euros

FC Barcelona has been through a financial nightmare in recent years. Team president Joan Laporta revealed last year that the club was over a billion euros in debt! Financial problems forced the club to let Lionel Messi leave and join PSG.

Despite these issues, Barca continue to rake in huge bucks from their name and brand. According to Deloitte’s Football League, Barca earned €582.1m in revenue last season, the fourth highest amount for a European club. Their revenues fell from 715 million euros in 2020, mainly due to the Covid-19 factor.

Last year, the club only received €30m (instead of €55m) from shirt sponsor Rakuten, which had a negative impact on their finances.

« However, despite their problems, Barca remain one of the most profitable clubs in the world thanks to wealthy sponsors and income from other sources. » – FRcasinospot expert Arthur Lambert.

3.Bayern Munich

Country : Germany

Revenue: €611.4 million

Bayern Munich don’t often feature in financial calculations, as they are a very active club on the pitch. But seeing the European giants fall into this category, Bayern have been able to cement their position as one of the highest earning clubs in the world.

With an annual revenue of 611.4 million euros, Bayern is the third most profitable club in the world. Thanks to its strong relationships with major investors and its ability to make money from winning German competitions, Bayern can boast enviable numbers when it comes to money.

In fact, they were the only European champions team in the 2020/21 season to make a profit, around €1.8m after tax.

2.Real Madrid

Country : Spain

Revenue: €640.7 million

Real Madrid’s finances have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced the club to stop spending lavishly on new transfers and focus on savings. Things got worse last year, forcing Los Blancos to ask their squad for a 10% pay cut as the club were unable to pay their employees in full.

However, Real have made a comeback financially. Last season, the club earned over €640m, mainly because they only bought David Alaba, who was a free agent during the summer.

Big returns from commercial sponsors and other deals mean Madrid can now spend lavishly on Kylian Mbappé or other summer targets knowing their finances are in great shape again.

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1.Manchester City

Country : Spain

Revenue: €644.9 million

Gone are the days when Manchester City relied on their billionaire owners to be their biggest source of money. The reigning Premier League champion was the richest team last season, with 644.9 million euros!

This amount includes money from commercial deals as well as bonuses from winning the Premier League and Carabao Cup last season. City also reached the Champions League final, earning them over €60m!

This allowed the Citizens to become the highest earning club in the world, as they earned more money than rivals Manchester United in a year, for the first time in history!

What are the main trophies won by Manchester City in recent years?

Manchester City have won many trophies over the past decade. Among them :

  • Premier League title;
  • FA Cup;
  • English League Cup;
  • English Super Cup.


The football clubs on our list have long been considered the richest in the world. Their revenues far exceed those of some European leagues. And it’s really impressive. In the meantime, the new football season is over, which means that in a few months we will be able to find out more about the current income of the richest football clubs. Maybe some teams on our list will change places, or maybe there will be new entrants. For example, Newcastle, which was bought this fall by businessmen from Saudi Arabia. But, given Manchester City’s excellent season, they are likely to continue to top the list.

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