The 5 most tweeted players of 2021 revealed, a nasty surprise for LeBron!

Face of the league for almost two decades, LeBron James seems however to lose this status little by little. Indeed, he is no longer at the top of the ranking of the most tweeted athletes in the league! A sort of transfer of power in the eyes of the public …

Impossible to dissociate the NBA of today from the activity on social networks, the league itself using it to promote its image. All the highlights are now available on Twitter, Instagram etc., so that as many fans as possible can access them. It is therefore no coincidence that the names of the superstars of the orange ball are regularly typed in the search bars, and this by the millions.

Exactly, StatMuse decided to release the ranking of the most tweeted players, and it is Giannis Antetokounmpo who wins the competition. The Greek wins in front Stephen curry, while Lebron james complete the podium. Nikola Jokic, reigning MVP reaches fourth place, while Chris Paul is the little surprise by bringing up the rear of the Top 5:

Most Tweeted NBA Athlete of the Year Giannis Antetokounmpo

NBA champion this summer with the Bucks as well as MVP of the Finals, Giannis has logically focused most of the attention on him. The Alphabet has been building up a crazy track record for three years, and that could go on for a long time yet since he’s only 26 at the moment. Still as productive in 2021-22 (almost 28 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists on average), he is quite able to keep his “crown” next year.

On the other hand, he risks having a hell of a competition in the person Stephen Curry, who has had a simply crazy year on an individual level. The league’s top scorer last year, the Warriors boss now leads the team in the NBA’s best record, tied with Phoenix. Pyromaniac par excellence, his hot shots are what more is real generators with highlights, which means that everyone seeks to follow his offensive madnesses on a daily basis.

Finally, a little thought for LeBron, who is gradually declining in this ranking. Being in his 19th season, the King is closer to retirement than anything else, which explains his absence from the Top 2. On top of that, the news around him was hardly encouraging in 2021, between repeated injuries and a suspension following his fight with the Piston Isaiah Stewart. Not really what he’s accustomed us to, with his four champion rings.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephen Curry, these are the two most followed names in 2021. When you see what they produce every evening on the floors, it’s anything but a surprise!

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