The 5 most dangerous Spaniards wanted by the police

Europol, the European criminal police agency which facilitates the exchange of intelligence between national law enforcement agencies, has launched a campaign to find the 50 most dangerous people on the run on the old continent. Drug traffickers, murderers, terrorists or thieves, five of these criminals have committed their misdeeds in Spain and are wanted by the authorities. Here is the profile of the 5 most dangerous Spaniards.

Vassil Nikolov Baklarov: wanted for murders

Los más buscados de Europa ¿Has visto a este criminal español?  La Interpol necesita tu ayuda

On August 15, 1995, Vassil Nikolov Baklarov together with an accomplice, a Spanish citizen of Venezuelan origin, murdered three people, two Valencian businessmen and a Cameroonian citizen, who were found in a burnt-out car near Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). The three bodies had 16 gunshot wounds. The motive for this triple homicide lies in a story of counterfeit currency trafficking. During the searches, the police found firearms and paper the size of banknotes. Since that date Vassil Nikolov Baklarov has been on the run and could have changed his face.

Abdellah El Haj Sadek El Menbri: The “Messi of hashish”

El 'Messi del hachís', fugado en España, between los delincuentes peligrosos that Europol quiere detener con la colaboración ciudadana |  Spain

Currently, this fugitive is considered the leader of the biggest hashish trafficking organizations in Spain, and has been dubbed by the police « The Messi of Hashish » in reference to the famous football player. His gang specializes in smuggling drugs from northern Morocco, mainly through powerful and fast boats.

Once the drugs reach Spanish soil, they are loaded into stolen vehicles and transported to safe places to hide until they are sold. The fugitive has a strong network of collaborators who directly carry out illicit activities, as well as a large number of contacts and subordinates who carry out all operations within the drug production and distribution chain. This individual has abundant funds, mainly from his illicit activities, and has an extensive network of personal and family ties that facilitate his escape, both in Spain and in other countries.

Erick Ventura Pacheco: 965 years in prison to serve

Los más buscados de Europa ¿Has visto a este criminal español?  La Interpol necesita tu ayuda

The 36-year-old is wanted as a suspected lieutenant in one of Spain’s most dangerous and violent criminal organizations. He is suspected, with his acolytes, of at least 36 crimes such as drug trafficking, torture, threats, kidnappings and for which the court requires a prison sentence of a total of 965 years.

Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutierrez: the cruel madam

Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutierrez

This 37-year-old Colombian brought women to Spain in exchange for 1,500 euros. Once there, the victims had to prostitute themselves to repay the sum. They had to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and without rest. The victims could only leave the collective apartment for one hour a day, but if a client called them, they had to return immediately.

Nikolay Shterev: the drug lord

Los más buscados de Europa ¿Has visto a este criminal español?  La Interpol necesita tu ayuda

The 54-year-old man is wanted to be one of the key members of an international organization dedicated to the trafficking of large quantities of drugs. The organization specialized in importing cocaine hidden inside legal merchandise, in containers sent from Colombia, under the guise of legal trade.

Upon arrival in Europe, the legal merchandise was sent to laboratories where the drug was extracted. The gang used to send in their own « chemists » to ensure that as much of the substance as possible was recovered. The man oversaw its distribution throughout Europe. He is considered dangerous and may remain hidden armed.

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