The 5 disciplinary rules of Erik Ten Hag at Manchester United

Erik Ten Hag, the new Manchester United manager, has brought a new discipline to the Mancunian club. 5 main rules are now in effect. Here they are.

As Bruno Fernandes said in an interview, Erik Ten Hag has brought discipline back to Manchester United’s squad: “I think we missed this [discipline] for a while and I think the way I see discipline is important,” Fernandes said. « For me, discipline is not only the way you play on the pitch, the position you have, what you have to do, it’s also off the pitch » he said reports the Telegraph.

And Erik Ten Hag so set that up. Among the rules here are the 5 main ones:

  • Fines or penalties for being late to team meetings, meals and practice
  • A ban on mobile phones at mealtimes, which must be taken together
  • No alcohol consumption during match weeks
  • Regular BMI checks to ensure players are fit
  • Players are encouraged to eat meals prepared by the club rather than using personal chefs

Rules reminiscent of those put in place in 1996 by Arsene Wenger when he took office at Arsenal. More than 25 years later, his former players are still talking about it….

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