The 42-game unbeaten operation will start in September

On July 13, after Italy’s victory in the final of the European Nations Cup, emphasis was placed on their record reached, that of 34 matches without defeat.

This record, still in progress, has a bright future ahead of it, because the Italians have not only reached an appreciable level which allows them to continue their march forward, but also, they have a series of meetings the coming months which give them largely the opportunity to string together new victories or, at least, to remain invincible. The Greens, for their part, have a World Cup qualifying campaign within their reach. 6 matches that the Capés de Belmadi will play between Algiers and Morocco; 6 matches against opponents who will try to catch the EN, but not at all sure that they can beat it. This puts us in good conditions to prolong the fun, to reach the figure of 33 games without defeat. It remains widely accessible even if Burkina will do everything to stop this series, he who thinks he can provoke the EN by choosing to receive it on Moroccan territory.

The dream of the world record is fading

In this same article, we also explained how the EN could improve its stats, or even target the world record. The latter, which was virtually accessible last June, is difficult to achieve after the Italian performance in the European Cup; Mancini’s men are writing history. By the end of the next date in September, they should be the new world record holders. Brazil and Spain will be dislodged from their current position. Sqaudra Azzura will face Bulgaria, Switzerland and Lithuania during this window. If the Swiss do not manage to beat Chiesa and others, they will fly far ahead, killing the hopes of the EN to go and win the moon.

Set off to improve their record

So far, the figure of 35 matches had given Bounedjah and his teammates mouth watering. It was enough not to lose the matches of qualifying for the World Cup, to chain 2 matches of preparation for the CAN and the first match of the CAN against Sierra Leone to achieve the objective. What has become inaccessible now. But there is still room to improve the African record. The EN managed to capture him in Tunisia, taking over the Elephants and their record of 26 matches. Without looking far ahead, Belmadi and his players can still continue the good series and expand the African record, because after all, the goal of the EN is to dominate African football. It goes through this record and, then, going to defend the title won hands down in Egypt, next January in Cameroon. The draw the day before yesterday gave EN the opportunity to improve the stats; the figure of 37 games without defeat is well within his reach. It will be followed by an obstacle which is called Côte d’Ivoire. If the EN passes the exam, she will have another. In other words, the record and the retention of the African title are two closely related objectives. Belmadi and his players will do everything to win them together. The 42-game unbeaten operation will begin this September.

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