The 4 players that the Lakers wanted to recover yesterday … in vain!

Like all the other franchises in the league, the Lakers tried to make trades on Thursday, without success. The trumps were sorely lacking in the front office, despite a fairly strong interest in 4 players. Finally, Rob Pelinka did not achieve any blow at this deadline.

Lakers fans finally waited for nothing for this deadline, which ended without any trade on the Los Angeles side. The franchise will keep the same roster, even whether signatures are possible in the coming weeks with free agents. But to welcome someone, it will be necessary to cut a current member of this workforce.

Before planning for the future, the supporters are asking questions following this tactic of Rob Pelinka. The Purple and Gold did not succeed in a trade and for good reason: no agreement could be found, and it is not for lack of having tried. We already know that a three-way deal with the Raptors and the Knicks fell through, but not only.

The failure of the Lakers for the deadline

Because if this team finds itself without reinforcement, it is mainly for lack of means. The Angelinos have a 2027 first-rounder to give away, Talen Horton-Tucker, and that’s about it. Problem ? Only the pick really interests the competition. But it was not enough to close a deal, especially with 4 players according to The Athletic.

The Lakers discussed numerous deals, which ultimately fell through. The Raptor Khem Birch was targeted, as was Chris Boucher. Cam Reddish also at the Knicks. One of the possible turnarounds? The return of Dennis Schroder. But the counterparty requested ruined everything.

Again, yes, the Lakers tried to shake up their roster, but they just couldn’t afford it. Too bad for this workforce, which will have to end the season together, for a result that could be catastrophic. 9th in the West, the franchise has one of the toughest schedules to complete this fiscal year.

Recruiting a free agent is now the priority, with a former member of the house who did not hesitate to launch an appeal with his foot. Suffice to say that the fans are not really reassured by the situation in Los Angeles…

4 players, or more, were in the sights of the Lakers, but impossible to reach an agreement. The assets are sorely lacking in this team, which will have to be creative in order to recover. The mess continues.

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