The 4-player All-Star trade that could rock Lillard and the Blazers!

Worst defense in the league and stuck in the soft underbelly of the West, the Blazers are living a very chaotic period, marked by rumors around the future of Damian Lillard. We will have to act for the front office, and a trade could indeed be the long-awaited miracle solution.

With 11 wins for 14 losses and a sad 10th place in their conference, the Blazers are in sharp decline compared to previous seasons. After an off-season not really living up to expectations, the Oregon franchise must also deal with the internal drama that led to the dismissal of GM Neil Olshey, as well as the uncertainty around Damian lillard and CJ McCollum.

When Dame Dolla Eyes On Huge Demand For Her Future, Portland will have to act, and quickly, to give meaning to this 2021-2022 campaign and those to come. To achieve this, there are not 50 solutions: the transfer market.

An All-Star trade to save the season and convince Lillard?

Obviously, difficult not to mention one of the big news of the moment in the East, namely the probable explosion of the Pacers roster, who should go into full rebuild mode and bring their best players to market. The names mentioned? Malcolm Brogdon, Caris LeVert, or even (and especially) a certain Domantas Sabonis. So the deal below appears to be a win-win:

The Pacers receive: Larry Nance Jr, Anfernee Simons, Nassir Little (+ a 1st round of Draft)
The Blazers receive: Domantas Sabonis

With such a move, the Blazers would stand by their will not to sell off CJ McCollum, who would remain in Oregon. The rear would thus make the perfect 3rd thief for the Lillard / Sabonis duo, one-two punch with great potential. As a reminder, the inside of the Pacers still succeeds a high-flying season, with 18 points, 12 rebounds and 4 average assists. Recently, he even slammed unheard of in the NBA for 41 years

The Pacers, for their part, would logically register in their reconstruction with two young outside players of the future, Little and Simons, who have each shown very good things in Portland since the start of the campaign. Larry Nance Jr, ideal Swiss Army Knife, would bring his experience and supervise these beautiful people. A draft pick would seal it all.

With the Pacers going to activate the “everything must go” mode, Domantas Sabonis is going to be one of the most sought-after names in the league. Good thing: the Blazers also want to shake up the market, and the fit looks perfect. Business to follow?

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