The 4 big names targeted by the Lakers in the event of a trade for Westbrook!

Darvin Ham has said it clearly, he intends to rely on Russell Westbrook next season, but his leaders could give in to a good offer. Besides, 4 big names have just been linked to the Lakers, and the profiles are more interesting.

Before the arrival of Darvin Ham on the bench of the Lakers, the future of Russell Westbrook seemed quite uncertain. Indeed, the point guard was very disappointing for his first season in his hometown, and his compatibility with LeBron James and Anthony Davis still does not jump to the eyes. For many fans, finding a way out of Mister Triple-Double remains the best solution for everyone.

But the new Purple and Gold manager has other plans in mind, as he made it clear during his introductory press conference that Russ would be a major part of his system, both offensively, where he no longer has nothing to prove, except defensively, where his absences have hurt Los Angeles this season.

Julius Randle for a return to the Lakers?

According to Bleacher Report, Ham’s confidence in his point guard would push leaders to prepare for the offseason by considering the All-Star point guard as an important member of the group, which could notably change the profile of certain targets during free agency. And if, by a major reversal of the situation, Russell Westbrook were to leave, 4 names could do the trick.

If the Lakers ultimately decide to trade Russell Westbrook, in case he activates his $47 million clause, the Lakers will need to pick up another big payday or trade a draft pick. We must therefore watch players like Davis Bertans, Duncan Robinson, Julius Randle or Malcolm Brogdon.

If Russell Westbrook decides to activate his option at 47 million and the Lakers decide to trade him, they are bound to have to welcome a big salary in return. Davis Bertans and Duncan Robinson would bring skill, Malcolm Brogdon accuracy, but Randle’s profile is perhaps the most interesting. In the franchise of his debut, he could find the desire and his level of All-Star. In any case, it would be interesting to see if he would have the same attitude as at the Knicks with an assistant like Rasheed Wallace…

Darvin Ham would like to be able to rely on Russell Westbrook next season, but his managers could decide otherwise. Anyway, if they attract one of the 4 names mentioned, there will clearly be plenty to work on.

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