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Stings in the evening: two men in detention in Toulon

Two men were indicted and imprisoned in Toulon and syringes and injectable drugs found in one of them, after the complaint of a young woman saying she had been the victim of an injection in a nightclub, said Monday the public prosecutor of Toulon Samuel Finielz. The two men, of Turkish nationality, “both dispute the facts”added the prosecutor, confirming information from Var-morning.

The investigation had been opened by the police station of Sanary-sur-Mer (Var) after the complaint of a young woman, born in 1997, claiming to have been a victim, on the night of June 10 to 11, in a nightclub of Six-Fours-Les-Plages (Var) with a prick in the elbow. She had denounced two individuals. The use of video surveillance tapes from the nightclub has « allowed to identify the actions of two people consistent with what the victim described », said the Toulon prosecutor. Judicial police officers then carried out surveillance in the establishment, until they spotted one of the two suspects, arrested and placed in police custody on Saturday.

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In the second suspect, arrested on Sunday thanks to his telephone exchanges with the first, the investigators found four syringes, two needles and injectable ampoules of a drug issued only on prescription, indicated the representative of the prosecution, without specifying what it was. medication. The suspect in whom these medical devices were found assured that they belonged to his wife, a nurse. The latter, who works in a health establishment, had no reason to detain them at home, according to Samuel Finielz.

“Strong swell” in the Landes, a boater dies

A yachtsman, who found himself prisoner of his boat turned over by the swell, less than 150 m from the beach of Seignosse (Landes), died, announced the maritime prefecture of the Atlantic. Shortly before 4 p.m., Etel’s Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue (CROSS) was “alert by the Seignosse beach station in the Landes that a “fishing-promenade” type vessel with two boaters on board is caught in the swell and has turned over less than 150 meters from the shore”relates the press release from the maritime prefecture.

A search and rescue system consisting of a Navy helicopter, a fire ambulance, an SNSM jet ski and a ground patrol of the gendarmerie was engaged to rescue the two boaters. One of the two people finally managed to get free and was taken care of by the lifeguards of the beach station while the other remained stuck in the boat. The latter managed to extricate herself but was recovered by a rescuer, « obviously unconscious ». Despite the first aid measures given on the beach, the victim could not be resuscitated and his death was declared by the Samu on his arrival.

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« Faced with this tragedy, the Atlantic maritime prefecture reiterates the warning issued (Sunday) as to the dangers represented by the wind and the strong swell present since last Saturday on our coast and recommends to boaters and water sports enthusiasts to postpone their outings until the return to milder weather conditions” emphasizes the maritime safeguard authority in Brest.

Russian Nobel Prize-winning journalist sells medal for $103.5 million to help Ukraine

Dmitry Muratov, Russian editor of the independent investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta, auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize medal for $103.5 million on Monday to benefit children displaced by the conflict in Ukraine. Proceeds from the New York sale, won by an unnamed telephone bidder, will be donated to UNICEF’s program for Ukrainian children displaced by war, according to Heritage Auctions, which is in charge of the sale.

When the final offer fell, increased by tens of millions of dollars over the previous one, the room was taken aback, including Dmitry Muratov himself. “I am like you in this respect”, he told AFP, speaking through a translator after the sale. On his choice of UNICEF as the recipient of the funds, he replied: “It is essential for us that this organization does not belong to any government. It can work above governments. There are no borders for her”.

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Dmitry Muratov had won the prestigious prize in 2021, alongside Filipino journalist Maria Ressa, the committee honoring them « for their efforts to preserve freedom of expression ». The Novaya Gazeta newspaper announced at the end of March that it was suspending its online and paper publications in Russia until the end of the intervention in Ukraine, in the midst of the Kremlin’s hardening against dissonant voices.

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