The 3 destinations deemed “ideal” for Russell Westbrook!

Always on the start since the arrival of Patrick Beverley in charge, Russell Westbrook is ready to play for a brand new team at the start of the school year. It remains to be seen whether the Lakers will find a way out for him, because in the worst case, he could experience a John Wall scenario at the Rockets. Fortunately, three trading partners are cited to recover it.

Far from his best level with the Lakers for his first season, Russell Westbrook knows he may not have another chance in the City of Angels. Despite a fairly encouraging recent message from LeBron James, Rob Pelinka thinks the best solution is yet to trade the star point guard elsewhere. It remains to find a taker, especially since the assets are sorely lacking after the trade involving Patrick Beverley.

Who will want Westbrook? As it is, no one. With plummeting performances and emoluments well over 40 million, Russ is no longer seen as an asset, but rather as a poison. If Pelinka dreams of making him leave, he will have to associate him with two first draft rounds, at least. The good news is that anything is possible, especially according to one Western Conference executive.

New tracks in sight for Russell Westbrook?

An executive spoke to the Bleacher Report site, and according to him, three franchises are now standing out to sign Russ. Nothing is done, but here we find teams that make sense:

According to an NBA executive, the Lakers still have three options regarding Russell Westbrook, including a trade with the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and finally the Utah Jazz.

Knowing that the Angelinos have already come to negotiate with the Jazz, it would not be surprising to learn that the name of Westbrook has been mentioned. The problem being that Danny Ainge hasn’t wanted the player so far, which means it will take some effort from Pelinka. As for the Spurs and Pacers? We are talking here about two franchises in full reconstruction. Recovering Russ is of no immediate interest, but two first-round draft picks can’t be discounted for the future.

If I’m Spurs, I’m not letting go of Poeltl in a trade for Westbrook

I would love to see what Coach Pop is capable of with Westbrook if he still wants to coach.

Will Russell Westbrook be traded? We can be sure that the Lakers will try an offensive before the resumption, remains to be seen if a team still wants him. In any case, some fans are seduced by the prospect of finding him in Texas.

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