The 29th edition of the Porsche Paradise rolls mechanics on the port of Saint-Tropez

German or Italian? To them, no need to ask the question even if we are on the Mediterranean coast. For Porsche fans, she is the best German. Its frog face, reminiscent of its Coccinelle ancestor, also launched by Ferdinand Porsche; its particularity (for older models) with its engine at the rear of the wheels, off-centre, air-cooled 6-cylinder flat, which requires managing the « backpack effect » otherwise beware of corner exits after acceleration but what handling; or even its versatile side that is as pleasant to drive for a ride as it is to tease – on the circuit it is preferable – the mushroom to make its flat 6 so dear to the brand’s enthusiasts roar.

On Saturday, everyone we met at the 29e edition of Paradise Porsche, which brought together more than 500 models this year, confirmed it: « She is fantastic. » Coming from all over France and also from Europe, even the fuel crisis did not make them back down. « We did it even under the Covid, so the fuel! I had very few withdrawals », recognized Jean-Paul Viala, the organizer and president of the Porsche Club Méditerranée. Certainly CO2 but pleasure for the eyes. Parade scheduled for 2:45 p.m. on the port this Sunday.

« It’s a pleasure, an antidepressant that should be reimbursed by Social Security », told us a porschiste. On Saturday, the flats 6 of these beautiful cars, in classic or more contemporary versions like the 918 Spyder brought by truck by a boss of the Dutch brand, made the eyes of their owners and the curious come to admire the lines of this mythical racing car shine. , as pleasant to drive on the circuit as in the city.

Philippe Tavard and his wife Christelle. Photo by Jean-Marc Rebour.

Philippe Tavard and his wife Christelle, from Mougins presented their 356 from 1963, a replica of that of Janis Joplin. « The singer had bought one in 1967 which she had painted in California and which wandered after her death, later resold at auction for 1.7 million dollars. Mine is from Spain and it took me 7 months of painting and 9 coats of varnish. »

Didier Hennet, from Spa-Francorchamps. Photo by Jean-Marc Rebour.

Didier Hennet, from Spa-Francorchamps near the famous circuit in Belgium. « It’s a 993. I’ve fitted a GT2 kit on it. It’s the first year I’ve brought it. I have friends who told me it was a magnificent concentration with all the models of Porsche and it is above all a mythical destination. »

The pilot Gérard Larrousse. Photo by Jean-Marc Rebour.

The driver Gérard Larrousse will take the wheel of this 2.3 liter 280 hp prepared by Sonauto which won the Tour de France in 1970, then driven by Guy Chasseuil. « We fought a lot with Guy, my teammate at the time. I’ll be happy to get back in this car to open the parade on Sunday. Its owner is in Monaco. »

Christine Grecco, 61, pilot’s daughter. Photo by Jean-Marc Rebour.

Christine Grecco, 61, pilot’s daughter. « My father raced hill climbs in Grasse. Porsches, I’m on my third. I have a 997 Carrera cabriolet S and I’m part of a group for outings. What I like, it’s that it has remained sober and elegant. it sends, it vibrates, it has a soul. I like the purity of its line. It is timeless. We never get tired of it. »

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