« The 2030 World Cup must take place in South America »

During a tribute to Pelé in Qatar last Sunday, Alejandro Dominguezpresident of CONMEBOL, estimated that the 2030 World Cup, the edition that marks the centenary of the competition, should take place in South America, where the first took place, more precisely in Uruguay.

« The application is very strong. It is the responsibility of FIFA, and the football family, how and what we are going to do to remember those who organized the first World Cup, in Uruguay. The other countries [le Portugal, l’Espagne et l’Ukraine] will always have an opportunity after 2030, because 100 years can only be celebrated once and it has to be in South America, » said the Argentine.

Two candidatures are currently under study, that of South America, shared by four countries – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile – and that of Europe, made up of three countries – Portugal, Spain and Ukraine – the winner will be announced in 2024, during the FIFA Congress.

The next edition of the World Cup (2026) will see the number of teams increase from 32 to 48 and will be held in the Americas, Mexico, the United States of America and Canada sharing the organization.

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