« The 2022 F1 championship is not already folded »

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali of Italy doesn’t think the 2022 F1 world championship is over yet.

After nine Grands Prix contested this season, out of a total of twenty-two entered in the F1 calendar 2022Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing already have a comfortable lead in both championships.

The Dutchman leads his rival Charles Leclerc by 49 units while Ferrari is nearly 80 points behind the energy drink.

Despite these significant differences, Stefano Domenicali, the boss of Formula 1, does not believe that the drivers’ and constructors’ championships are already played.

“If you remember, after the first three Grands Prix of the season Ferrari was leading by around 40 points and Max Verstappen said the game was already over then.recalls Domenicali. Now it’s just the opposite, and it’s Max who leads the championship by 46 points. »

“It shows that we have to be careful. The championship is still very long and there will be many ups and downs. It is therefore too early to say that the championship is over, and I say this not because I hope so, but because I believe so. »

“We only played a third of the season. So there are still a lot of Grands Prix left and I’m sure the championship will be tight until the end.insists Domenicali. Leclerc is in great form and Ferrari is very close. I also have signs that the Mercedes is getting faster, so the championship could be hotly contested. »

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